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“Hi Everyone, today I finished my first month of changing the way I eat. I did the 7 day challenge the first week of June and I lost 10 lbs. I feel better my skin feels good I’m glowing, it’s the carrot🥕 glow ✨. I invite you guys to try it out and join the chat it will help you stay motivated. I’ll see you guys there. Life changing experience for the better.”


“Hello! I have lost a total of 26 pounds with the 7 day challenge. But with the bikini challenge I see a huge difference doing both. I love how I feel. Thank you CaliBaby for changing my life style.”


“2 weeks prior to my surgery I completed the 7day detox, feeling great. I had surgery June 24th 2024 si am on day 2 with no pain and feeling great, I had a breast reduction surgery and I am still drinking carrot juice in the mornings and see minimal swelling, the symptoms other women with similar surgery state they start on day 3-4 or a week after I am seeing those healing symptoms at day 2. So grateful for our Cali Baby 🫶 ”

Mayreni Before and After


“I’m not keep track of how much weight I’ve lost because I hate the scale, but I can definitely tell in my clothes and before and after pictures that I have lost weight and kept my muscles which I love! I been on the meal plan for 4 months and it’s becoming my lifestyle ❤️”


“Hi Calibaby 🧡 it’s Crystal kflower7 mommy of 7 . You asked me to email you . To gift me your bundle I’m so excited to start !! Thank you so much . God bless you”


“hey my name is charles after years of been 300lb my body could not handle it anymore and i have a heart attack and while i was in the hospital recover i come across cail love and as of 6/15/2020 i have lose 160 pounds the 7 day challenge have change my life i no longer have mental health problem or body pain”

julie Before and After


“Hi this plan was life changing!!! I was so puffy, so inflamed before and then I started the cali baby diet and started really working out every day! I lost 45lbs and I was able to gain muscle mass in places in ever knew I could!!! With the juicing and diet change, I was able to keep the weight off, and It became my life style. I actually started my own fitness clothing company because that’s how great I feel!!! Thank you CALI so much!!!!”

Ashley Before and After


“I know i missed the deadline but i figured i should post my before and after . I’m so happy with the progress ! I can’t wait to see what I’ll look like in 6 more weeks 🥰”

Jennifher Before and After


“😱 I don’t know you ladies but I can’t stop looking at my changes and is not much I know is going to be better if I keep it up. I was always around 145lbs and up and last Thursday I weighed myself I was 133lbs. I feel amazing 😍🥰. Good luck 🍀 to everyone. We are doing amazing ❣️I’m proud of you and myself ❣️🩷🩷🩷🩷 and thank you @calibaby and you ladies for this community❣️”

Mayra Before and After


“Hi, Here are my before and after pictures. I am literally tearing because i cannot believe how much Ive changed, just look at picture in black- that was my first challenge in April! I cannot express how grateful i am that i found Cali's page. You are not just purchasing a plan you are purchasing a lifestyle! She doesn't sell products like detox pills or teas she literally is giving us real food that helps to detox our body naturally! I feel less bloated and i love the fit in my clothes! My confidence is coming back. I also want to thank you all for your support always and congratulations to all of you because whether we win or not we are all winners because we all getting a step closer to our goal.. Thank you thank you thank you!😊”

Linette Before and After


"6 week progress 🙌🏼 I see it, I feel it, I love it 💖"

Breana Before and After


"The juice alone changed my life."

Savannah Before and After


"Today I start week 3 of the 7day challenge. Down 8 lbs"

 Rebeca Before and After


"The transformation is real!"

Aylin Before and After


"I was hesitating to upload it but I am 23 lbs less my mission is to be at 154 by new years or sooner"

Stephanie Before and After


"I don’t have a good body but that’s ok.I’m working on it. I’m leaving my embarrassment aside I’m so proud of myself"

Nelly Before and After


"Started Bikini challenge at 140. Currently at 133. Accomplish my goal for my birthday getaway this upcoming week in Vegas! Can’t wait for my birthday trip, summer ready 💪"

Ashley Before and After


“I had always been stressed on certain food and diets and didn’t know how to start but starting cali baby’s 7 day challenge helped me a lot when I said from not having motivation to doubting myself and feeling depressed not good enough… I always stayed on lives to hear listen and get to know how it worked before buying onces I did I started and haven’t stopped!! Don’t get me wrong once a blue moon me doy un gusto! But I always go back because my body is so used to being on my juice and meal plans! I went from 145 to 126lbs! I’m still pushing myself to get to where I wanna feel and look for myself and for my health thank you cali hermosa ❤️💕”

Vanessa Before and After


"My self confidence grew since training with calibaby. I put my mind into it. We can connect on another level is not just a trainer and client but a friendship, we can laugh, but also be serious when it’s needed. This program shows you exactly how to perform certain movement and gives the motivation and confidence to keep pushing myself. Also taught me a lot about mindset, and keeping a positive attitude and for that I am extremely grateful. What calibaby said “Do your best and forget the rest”."


"I joined the program last year initially because I was going on vacation and wanted to lose some weight. I loved it it’s easy to get creative with and see results! The community is a great resource and CaliBaby is so inspiring. I would definitely recommend!!"


"So I started a week before the bikini 👙 challenge, I was doing the 7 day challenge. I started out at 255 and today I’m 228!! I’ve changed the way was eating completely, now using the bikini challenge to help me be more accountable. 🏋️‍♀️ 😭💕🫶🏼"


“My son snapped this picture over the weekend when we were putting our tree up, same pjs different size now”


“Hi everyone. I’m Duranie whom Cali mentioned a few minutes ago in the live. I want (to reshare) my testimony. I started this August at 205lbs and by December down 35lbs. Now I’m working on 30 more 😅😉”


"Lost 7 pounds on the 7 day challenge."